Show Erie your support for the trails

By now you’ve probably seen the trail markers that are popping up around the Sunset East and West properties. The first six markers have been installed. We are going to make a change to the design of the trail markers and continue to offer a sponsorship program.

New Trail Marker Design

We are phasing out the sandstone trail markers you see on the property today and will be installing an entire network of markers to aid in navigation. Each marker post has a plate on it with the name of the trail, an arrow indicating direction, and the town of Erie’s logo. Below that will be another plate with the name of the trail sponsor along with the sponsor’s logo and the ESA logo.


Sponsorship Prices

Business Sponsorship: $1500

Family Sponsorship $750


We have partnered with Erie Parks and Recreation and modeled this program after the Adopt-a-Road program in Erie. Your sponsored trail marker will remain in place for two years.

A piece of metal will be etched with the name of  your business or family. We will use your logo if you have one. When the sponsorship term ends, you can re-sponsor for another two years or it will be yours to take home or display at your business as part of your commitment to the local community.  You’ll receive a letter of thanks to display at your home or business if you like. Your business or family will have its sponsorship announced via Facebook and we’ll mention you on website posts and newsletters too. But most of all, every person who passes your marker on the trails will be reminded about how much you appreciate and care about the Erie singletrack trails.


Fill out this form and we’ll contact you to discuss it more.