Labor day is now in the review mirror with mild temps becoming increasingly more likely. So, what does that mean? It means it’s time to get our rouge hoes sharpened and our rakes ready, build season is here! woooowhooo!

The Plan:

We have schedule 5 builds days this fall. 4 of them will be on the Sunset property, 1 with forest service on the “School Bus” trail near Nederland. The dates are:

  • August 30th – Sunset West
  • September 13th – Sunset West
  • September 27th – School Bus trail
  • October 11th – Sunset East
  • October 25th – Sunset East

The prioritiesĀ of our local build days are:

  • Remove weeds from trail tread
  • Repair and improve trail tread and water control features (aka rollers)
  • Formalize alternate lines and “advanced” trail features (drops, jumps and berms)

Build Report 8/30:

Good bye weeds, Hello sweet trail!

Good bye weeds, Hello sweet trail!

So, how about them weeds and that grass?

You have to admit, it was pretty cool riding through the lush green grass… well, at least the first two times… in April… when it was 75 degrees. But when it was 90, andĀ the grass seemed to grow razor blades, yeah, not so much fun at that point. With some assistance from the town, we were able to at least have some to grass cut back, but now it’s our turn to bring the trails back to their intended state.

We meet at the top of the West property for introductions, tool review and a safety chat. No doughnuts… next time, I promise!

Our crew of 8 volunteers started at the tire tracks berm and began chopping, hacking and scraping out the weeds on their way down the Ridge trail.

Within an hour and a half, most of the work was complete and a few folks were interested in formalizing the first rock drop. Happy to oblige, we worked through the plan and design of the feature and got started.

The work went quickly and before we knew we were launching some test hucks of our new little feature. Here are couple little videos of our newest feature.

Here is the drop.. like butter…

Here’s Bryan showing us how to roll it… easy peasy, lemon squeezey


Have you ridden it yet? What did you think? Leave us a comment!