I went to the Board Of Trustees meeting tonight at 6:30 and gave the following presentation in the three minutes I was allotted.

Presentation: Introduction of ESA to BOT

I left immediately after presenting because the board won’t get a chance to talk about it until a few hours later. They stream these meetings live on the internet here so I went home to watch it. It’s 9:00pm and they haven’t gotten around to discussing it yet.  However, within 30 minutes of leaving I received an email from the Mayor Pro Tem asking me to contact her office tomorrow so we could talk more. Then, about an hour ago I got a call from a journalist with the Daily Camera. they want an interview and to take some photos of the proposed area tomorrow. Would anyone who wrote in on the comments section be willing to talk to the Daily Camera? They asked me to refer one of the people who commented. Please comment on this post of contact me directly if you’re willing to go on the record about this.