This afternoon was just too beautiful to sit inside so Scott Cody and I decided to grab some tools and head up to Sunset Park. Last week the trail was pinned with numbered flags and we have descriptions of things to fix. We started with number 1. It’s on the trail that climbs from the Coal Creek path on the south end.


Flag #1 Before


Flag #1 After (same angle)


Flag #1 from a different angle

There were a bunch of people on the trail. Almost everyone was discovering it for the first time and was really stoked to be there! We noticed a lot of people were shortcutting the trail we were working on and riding straight down the social trail to get out. We had some time left in the day so we headed down to the Coal Creek path to make the entrance to the climbing tail a little more inviting. Here it is now.


New entryway. Hopefully more inviting.


Please turn and go up the climbing trail.


Another shot of the new entry.