If you haven’t been out to Sunset Park recently, it’s time for a trip out to the dirt. We’ve smoothed some trail, expanded the entrance and built an amazing berm. Our volunteers have been braving condor-sized mosquitoes to get as much time on trail as the fading light allows.

Getting started on Pin# 11.

Scott Cody and Jeff Walls led a trail day two days after our first Front Range snow of the 2013/14 season. The dirt out here is amazing and really works well with a little moisture.

Defining the tread on Pin# 17.

The roughed in trail is getting polished on every trail day. Sidecuts are being expanded to give you room to lean and not catch your pedals. Treads get smoothed and polished. Volunteers, riders and runners continue to smile with every improvement to Sunset Park.

Expanding the sidecut on Pin# 17.


The right foot tool being put to work.


The flat head shovel has been our friend on the westside.


Here’s a trial run after the day’s work: