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Huge weekend.. Go ride. We’re dying for feedback. 😉
The low down: Moisture content was perfect for shaping and we made good use of it.


Scott had 5 volunteers show up at the start and we were joined by another passerby or two during the build.
We took on about 350-400ft of trail, starting at flag 16 and working our way north. We focused on establishing proper tread width, tread slope, smoothness, and rideability. In the process we enhanced/established some grade reversals for better drainage, and to add interest and fun to the lines.
Most folks stayed for about 3 hours.


imageRobbie and Scott we were the only ones to brave the morning chill. Lacking a proper donut shop in Erie, they settled on a bag of Little Debbie frosted donuts to fuel the day.
We picked up were the Saturdays crew left off. Focus for the two of us was to address the run up and exit from the little “step-up” Scott roughed in weeks ago. Done. With style. 😉 We dialed tread slope, width, and rideablity for another 75/100ft north of where Saturdays crew left off. Total time for Sunday was about 5.5 hours. The back slope for the entire work area needs some clean up. I was too spent to give it much love.

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Several people first timers came by each day. I got the most stoke from a pair of 7-8 years olds who came by late Saturday. As they rolled the grade reversals they would squeal like the pig from the Geico commercials, weeeeeeeeeeeeee! So rad.