Statistics provided by Pew Research Center show that 8 out of 10 people in the US have debts. It is not easy to manage your budget, and sometimes there are circumstances when you urgently need money, and there is nowhere to get the cash to pay your bills. In this situation, you should figure out where you can get some extra cash.

The easiest way out of this challenging situation is to get help from online credit companies. We did some researches and made a list of four lending companies with the highest rating among the costumers.

  1. Moneytree
    Our rating: 4.4
    What borrowers from Moneytree said: “Applied online and got a call back super fast from a rep. Named Lina. She was very kind and helpful. Great customer service! She always takes care of me and answers my questions with knowledgable answers.”
    Our rating: 4.5
    What borrowers from said: “I’ve never used online services before, so I was a bit nervous. But Small Cash showed me the most amazing experience of customer satisfaction I have ever seen in my entire life. They went over and above the expectations that I expected from either online lender. I hope you all have a very blessed day because they work their butts off.”
  3. Great Western Bank
    Our rating: 4.6
    What borrowers from Great Western Bank said: “The customer service here is a cut above the rest. Absolutely 5 stars from this business, I highly recommend. I requested online, and it was super easy. What a great experience. Thank you Great Western Bank, will be back!”
  4. ACE Cash Express
    Our rating: 4.1
    What borrowers from ACE Cash Express said: “This service is amazing. I had a bit of debt I wanted to pay down and have never used a payday service before. ACE Cash Express helped me out in a tight spot and the service was very fast easy.. I was feeling good, went to the casino and hit it big! Paid off all my debt, and if I’m ever in a bind again will be going to visit it again.”