Ryan Schutz project manager and MC extraordinaire. Steve Mokan Photography

Ryan Schutz project manager and MC extraordinaire. Steve Mokan Photography

Did ya’ll know we had a party? Did you go? Complete.Blow.Out. Yeah.. it was really that much fun.

A grin fest, full of trail lovin good times. Even the Town of Erie Mayor and most of the Board of Trustee’s turned out for the taco bar, I mean, party at Miner’s Tavern. Between the table(s) full of free giveaways, and the sweet ESA gear on hand, I don’t think anyone walked out empty handed. It was truly a good time, with good people, positive energy (aka Stoke) and a further reminder of why I’m involved with the ESA. Something special is growing in Erie and it was on display all night long.

Get'r'done! This handsome batch of fellars!

Get’r’done! This handsome batch of fellars is mining them thar hills for trail!

The number of local businesses that came out to sponsor the event was more than humbling. In no particular order, Miners Tavern, Cider from The Old Mine, Beer from Industrial Revolution Brewing, Echo Brewing and Odd13 Brewing, gear from Mountainsmith, TicToc Ink, Polar Bottle, memberships to Training Peaks, the list goes on and on.

To top it off, the ESA board also passed out some awards to acknowledge a few of the folks who have been instrumental in getting your trails in the ground. They are, left to right, Adam Haid – Founder of ESA, Scott Winget – Trail Designer, Scott Cody – Crew Leader, Jeff Walls – Crew Leader, Ryan Schutz – Project Manager. Not pictured is Brian Buchholtz – Crew Leader.

Thanks again to all who came out. It was great to see your smiling faces, minus the bike and running gear. I’m thinking that next year we are going to need to find a bigger venue!

So… What’s next, when do we build again?

Meadow trail. Done. Let's RIDE!

Meadow trail. Done. Let’s RIDE!

Did I mention that the Meadows trail is done? Hellz yes it is! After two weekends of maximum understanding by the Most Understand Wife and work with the mini-ex, I finished the rough-in work just as the temps and snow started to fall at the end of January. Chris came out after the thaw and did the polish work while I was having fun build a new turn elsewhere. The Meadows makes for a really fun alternative to the  coal creek path, and I am really, really very, very glad to have it done!

Tiny but mighty... its baby flo

Tiny but mighty… its Baby Flo

That brings us to what’s next. Say hi to Baby Flo.

Baby Flo is the tool dujour of Tony Boone Trails. Tony is an award winning trail builder with more accolades and accreditation’s than… well.. something with a lot of accolades and accreditation’s. He has built some 800 miles of trail all over the world. We are working with the Town of Erie to get Tony and Baby Flo out on the east side of the property. When successful, we’ll have 3.5 miles of new trail by April 1st, and that’s no joke! Seriously, think about it… Adam got this show on the road with a presentation to the Board of Trustee’s last April and here we stand ready to have completed nearly 6 miles of trail less than a year later. So cool!

Now, you all know just how much I love to dig and get dirt-ey and must be thinking to yourself, “Well, if Baby Flo, is going to be doing the digging, then what’s left for you and us totally awesome volunteers to do?”

Three words. Features, Jumps, and Berms. And yes, I did just capitalize each of them.



Features – There are a hand full of rocks/boulders on the property. We hope you’ll join us in formalizing the lines that use those and as well as developing others as they’re found.

Jumps – Remember my post about “Rollers”? Everything we ever build on the property will be family friendly, however, there are a few rollers that we’ll be revisiting to give them little more “sumthin, sumthin” so that when they are taken at speed, it will provide a rider the opportunity visit with the birdies, even if it’s ever so briefly.

Berms – There are at least three major turns on the west side that we will be “opening up” and “in sloping”. In other words, Berms baby, Berms!

When do we get started?

Late April, Early May.

Oh Yeah! ready for another summer of digging!

Oh Yeah! Ready for another summer of digging!

6 months of digging and trail making awesomeness has a cost...

6 months of digging and trail making awesomeness has a cost…

We will be doing a complete assessment of both properties in early April and will quickly turn that assessment into scheduled build days; and since the weather will begin to be a bit more predicable, we’ll be able to schedule them more than a couple of days ahead of time. Imagine that…

So there you have it… I’ll be making sure the tools are nice and sharp, ya’ll get out there, ride, run, move, and come up with idea’s to help us make these trails more fun, more grin-tastic, and generally more better, or as an old friend of mine would say; Mo Betta!

Be on the look out for announcements regarding the east side trails!