scottI want to introduce everyont to Scott Winget. He is a trail technician in Boulder and serves on the BMA board. Scott is graciously donating his time to be our head designer. He is working with another outstanding trail technician, Scott Miller from Valmont Bike Park. Together they are walking our open space and designing some amazing trails. They have been out here multiple times in the last week and have already completed the entire front side open space. The plan is to meet with DPW to perform a micro environmental impact study at the end of this week as a final step before we can dig.

It’s worth noting that Scott has been seeking advice from Troy Mandery and Ryan Shutz who are fantastic trail designers from BMA and IMBA. Ryan was involved in the under-highway trail system we saw in Seattle when we watched Pedal Driven. I’m stoked to have such fantastic talent working on the trails in Erie!

This job is not without its difficulties. Some troublemakers in Erie have been removing the stakes Scott and Scott are using to mark the corridors. It’s not terribly difficult to re-mark the terrain because the grass has been trampled and will soon be cut back but it’s annoying. If anyone sees people on the open space land messing with our stakes, please ask them to stop.