One Step Back 

Hillside slides out Unfortunately, the land on the hillside I have been focusing on between the cemetery and Coal Creek Park is privately owned. The city has no authority to give us permission to build there. It’s plausible for us to approach the land owners and request permission but that seems like a long shot to me. Also, that parcel of land scores very high on Erie’s list of riparian sanctuary and other protected wildlife and plants. The message I received is that our efforts would be better served in another location.

Three Steps Forward

Support from Parks and Rec I was invited to meet with Parks and Rec Director Jill Wait and look over some maps. Jill is very much in favor of bringing singletrack trails to Erie and has been overwhelmingly helpful to me. She was part of the force behind the bike trails recently built in Breckenridge and she knows how awesome an activity like mountain biking is for a community. We discussed some other potential sites and I’m very excited about the new options out there. I will post more information as it becomes available. Suffice it to say, the town of Erie has some great potential and a lot of staff members are willing to help us get shovels in dirt. I know it seems like we’re being pinballed back and forth but trust me, this is a very positive change.

Xcel Energy volunteers I learned today that Erie has been selected as a candidate for the Xcel Energy Day of Service. They will be promoting September 7th to all Xcel and CBS 4 employees as a day to volunteer. They would provide about 50 volunteers and film the whole day of work. I’m going to help prepare the proposal for Erie. If Erie is chosen, we may be able to use these volunteers to knock out a bunch of singletrack and get media attention for the town. It could be a huge win for Erie and the ESA.

ESA Party We plan to host a party at the community center in June so we can all discuss our ideas and the potential parcels available. This will be an opportunity to get some flyers and information to pass out to the community in order to gain momentum for trails in Erie. We’re working on a beer sponsor and a screening of Pedal Driven. Check out the trailer. It’s perfect for our cause. I will have more details soon. Stay tuned!