Become an ESA member

We are partners with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and utilize their membership structure. The synergies we bring to each other are numerous. The keystone to getting more and better trails in Erie and Boulder County is our members. Without your support, the organization would fold and the forces of darkness would overtake the world. Not only do your dues help support trail building and the social events we throw, but the sheer number of ESA members leads government agencies to take us seriously.

We hope our members will be a part of our community – not just paying supporters of a cause. Beginning this year, we are actively working with our business members to create concrete, direct benefits to you … stuff that will help you enjoy riding in Erie ┬ámore!


Think about how much you ride the trails, then think about how many crazy thousands of hours have gone into making those trails happen.

Whatever you can give will make a huge difference to us and, frankly, to your own enjoyment. Consider paying what you really feel the trails are worth to you… your mental, physical, and spiritual enjoyment of Erie’s nature via a mountain bike. If you think about how much you spend on beer after your rides, or coffee in the morning before work, consider matching that amount in membership dues for the people that make the trails happen! Pay it forward … and backwards.


If you are a person, you should probably be an individual member. If you run a really cool business, or just work for one, you might think about getting involved with our Business Membership & Partnership Program. As an individual member, you get the chance to get some cool human-sized swag. As a business, you can work with ESA to help promote your business and get some more business-sized swag (as socks generally don’t fit very well if you try to fit them over the front door of your store).

If you want to get into the Individual Membership groove, click here.

If you are interested in business memberships, click here.