This is a copy of the document presented at the first Open Space meeting. Adam read this to the board within the three minute time allotted for citizen comments. The intention of this presentation was to get the ball rolling on our effort and introduce citizen representatives who will advocate for all non-government interested parties.

Erie OS Meeting 4-8-2013 – Mountain Bike Trails

Who am I?

My name is Adam Haid. I have been a resident of Erie for eight years. Currently I reside in Vista Pointe. I’m married and a father of two young boys.

What is my intention?

My passion is mountain biking. I race for the Trek Colorado Race Team and volunteer with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. I have been riding mountain bikes in the Boulder area for over 10 years and I want to bring some of the joy I have realized from this wonderful sport into the community. I have partnered with several of my neighbors and we want to build trails suitable for dirt biking in our community.

What is my expectation?

My expectation from this meeting is to get the ball rolling on future discussions about singletrack in the neighborhood. My ideas are very loosely organized right now. I expect that as a result of this meeting I will go forward with more planning and design so I can work with the open space board effectively and openly.

What do I want?

I’m not here to ask for money. I’m only want permission.

  • Permission to use hand tools to build singletrack around the perimeter of Vista Pointe with potential connectors to Erie Commons and Vista Ridge

  • Permission to build small wooden features and to use the natural undulations in the landscape to make a smoothly flowing trail.

  • Permission to dig a pump track or two off the singletrack, possibly near the Coal Creek

  • Permission to build a wooden bridge for foot and bike traffic over the Coal Creek at it’s narrowest point near the lake on the north edge of Vista Pointe.

What is the plan?

  • I will use hand tools to clear vegetation and dig a smooth line of singletrack suitable for fat tired bicycles such as mountain bikes and bmx.

  • I plan to use the terrain to direct the path in a fun, flowing motion as much as possible and provide go-around options when technical obstacles are present.

  • I will build a few wooden structures to build skills and challenge the riders.

  • I will use modern trail building techniques to support sustainability.

  • I intend for the trail and building activities to be non-invasive to the natural environment and peace of our neighborhoods

  • I am open to any signage such as construction markings, trail markings, or obstacle warnings you want to provide and any guidelines you suggest.

  • I’m open to any route ideas or guidance.