Who has two thumbs and was tired of running from one heated space to another, this guy! Trapped, I tell you, I felt trapped, so much so that I think I may have single-handedly willed the the weather to improve. At least that is what I was trying to do every time I looked at the forecast last week.

However it happened, the temps did rise and by Thursday, I was ready to throw the dice and scheduled the trail build day.

Saturday, 10am, let’s do this!

Goal of 50ft to 60ft; how hard could it be?

Goal of 50ft to 60ft; how hard could it be?

I arrived at the north end of the park at 10am with a warm “gas-station” breakfast burrito (go ahead, make the joke, it’s laying there waiting) in the pocket of my hoodie and the sun out. The temperature was a brisk, but warming 36.

After a quick walk of the trail and a chat with my volunteer “Basil”, we came up with a plan.

What is that quote about the “Best laid plans of mice and men” or something… yeah, our plan was great until the first tool strike in to the rock solid and still frozen ground! Oh man, here comes a really hard day of trail building…

Frozen solid, with layer of ice on top...

Frozen solid, with layer of ice on top…

After an hour and half, our spirits were starting to fade and I was getting more than a little annoyed at how hard fought the day was turning out to be. In what I thought was to be a final, futile cut at the seemingly impenetrable frozen ground, I raised the rouge hoe above my head and gave it all I got…


IT STUCK! and all the way to the handle… oh wow! One more swing just like it and I leveraged out a frozen chunk of ground the size of my chest. More progress than I’d made all day.

“Basil.. I think it is time for plan “B”.”

We both immediately set to pulling up these huge chucks of ground and breaking them into affectionately named “ice cubes”. Once broken up, the cubes would release their moisture and turn the otherwise dry soil into that special kind of awesome that we love so much.

Basil helped me connect the two sections we were working before having to leave for more fruitful endeavors. Solid work and Thank you!

I kept at it for another couple of hours and was joined just before sunset by my neighbor Brian. He helped me finish up the days work and get the tools back to the truck.

One of the harder sections of trail to build, but it will be pretty dang fun to ride!

hard fought, well earned, new trail..

hard fought, well earned, new trail..