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  1. Kelly Feagans says:

    I would use any and all single track in Erie. I’m also happy to help in whatever I can do to further this project.

  2. I’ll definitely pack a shovel and rake… building a MTB track in my back yard – love it!

  3. Micah Condon says:

    I would love to have some trails in Erie – single track, pump track, dirt jumps, and any other features, and happy to help wherever needed

  4. Pamela Quillin says:

    Thank you for taking this on, Adam! I’ll help however possible. Keep up the great work!

  5. Christina says:

    Excited to have the kids in the community help out too. I would like for them to have a safe place to ride close to home. Count me in!

  6. David Grigsby says:

    I live in Erie Commons and would use any and all mountain bike trails, including pumptracks in Erie. I would also volunteer time to help make trails in Erie a reality. In addition I have a wife and two children who would also use the proposed trails.

  7. Mike Knowles says:

    I would be very enthusiastic about the addition of any single track and a pump track in Erie. Both would be a great asset to the area.

  8. Janette Elder says:

    I live in Erie Commons and take my bike to Boulder, Golden, Lyons, etc. to ride. I would love to see trails built in Erie so that I could ride in my hometown. It would be a great addition to the Velodrome and skate park, making Erie an even more appealing community.

  9. Jason says:

    I already see how this love of singletrack and dirt is bringing folks from different parts of Erie together! Dirt=community! I look forward providing “sweat equity” in the form of manual labor to support all trail-building efforts. In addition I’ve been a bicycle retailer for over 20 years and can speak to the physical,social, emotional, economic, and environmental benefits to a community from muscle-powered recreation. On behalf of our little family here in Erie Commons we’re here to support the efforts to have access to open space dirt trails in Erie!

  10. Bryan Fraser says:

    I would use any singletrack available and would happily help build mtb trails in Erie.

  11. Danielle says:

    I would love to see Erie grow in such a positive way. I would be ecstatic to utilize local single track in my own community rather than heading to another town. I would love to see single track, a pump track, and ultimately a park like Valmont bike park would be amazing! I think as a young community this would be a great addition. At that, I would be willing to help build trails as soon as possible!

  12. Kristen Moga says:

    Erie needs a bike park similar to Valmont! Look to Momentum Trail Concepts for a bid to build.

  13. Tanner Sammons says:

    This is a great idea and an awesome addition to a growing community! I’d be happy to volunteer some labor and time to make this happen.

  14. I would support this trail, for sure! I would use it, help maintain it, help buy supplies as needed, and would enjoy a pump track too!

  15. Jon Harrach says:

    What a great idea.
    Count me in to help out.

  16. Samuel Irwin says:

    I would love to see more bikeable areas in town!

  17. this would be great for the town!

  18. We wouild definitely use the singletrack, and would offer to help construct it.

  19. climbeze says:

    I would be more than willing to help build trails and help support Erie’s growing bicycle population. Single tracks, pump tracks, and bike parks are all wonderful things for family members to do together. Maybe finishing up some bike lanes or even a paved bike path to Boulder would be a bike commuter’s dream come true.
    Thanks Erie for even thinking about these issues.

  20. climbeze says:

    I would be more than willing to help build trails, pump tracks or even a full blown bike park here in Erie. We need these things out here as well as a bike path to Boulder at some point.
    Thanks Erie for even discussing this topic.

  21. Robert O'Munneke says:

    I helped build the Picture Rock trail and would help build this trail. It would be nice to start soon so we can start riding it in 2013.

  22. Scott Cody says:

    I live in Vista Pointe and :
    •“I would use singletrack in Erie”
    •“I would use a pumptrack in Erie”
    •“I would help build mtb trails in Erie”
    •“I’d like to see a bike park like Valmont in our town”
    •“I’m excited to see our town grow like this”
    I think this a terrific idea and am excited to see someone putting the effort forward to make it happen.

    Thank you Adam.

  23. Amy and family says:

    There is definitely potential for fun mountain biking in Erie. We are behind you

  24. steph says:

    A bike parlike Valmont Bike Park in Boylder woyls be awesome. It was be great for everyone!

  25. RobbieK says:

    This is amazing to see – I am so excited! I’ve been staring at the same areas and wondering how to get something like this done. I live in Erie Commons and my wife and I love to ride. It would be amazing to do it in our backyard instead of driving 30min plus. I’m down to help build, advocate, ride etc! Thinking that my 6 month old will have trails to ride close to home when he is ready is great. What a fine use of that land we are lucky to live next to. Thank you Adam.

    • RobbieK says:

      To answer your questions:
      I would like to see:
      skills area (small version of what is in Lyons next to the pump track – step ups, etc)
      wooden features
      pump track
      dirt jumps
      but most of all:
      People who live in Erie enjoying riding their mtb bikes in Erie!

  26. Nathan says:

    I am an old town resident. Life long mountain biker, as are my 8 and 10 year old kids. We would love to help with and use a facility like this within riding distance of our home instead of loading up the car and driving to a trail that is 15 miles or more away. I have a plethora of shovels, wheelbarrows, even a small skid loader that I would be happy to use if we can get this going.

    “I would use singletrack in Erie”
    “I would use a pumptrack in Erie”
    “I would help build mtb trails in Erie”
    “I’d like to see a bike park like Valmont in our town”
    “I’m excited to see our town grow like this”

  27. cris says:

    I love the idea of singletrack.

  28. Scott Mahon says:

    I would love to see a mountain bike trail “single track” in Erie and hopefully in the hilly area where the landfill used to be. I probably wouldn’t use any of the options listed ( jumps, bike park ). I would volunteer to help with the MTB trails also. I always drive into Boulder and Lyons so this would be great to have!

  29. Dan Solem says:

    I’m in Lafayette and would like to help as well.

  30. Matt adams says:

    This is a great idea and would fit in to the area perfectly,I would love to help build it.

  31. Gloria Liu says:

    I don’t even live in Erie (Boulder resident) but I love the idea of more trails in our metro area and would definitely come out for a trail building day! Yea Adam!

  32. I live in Boulder, but I would love to see a new trail network in one of our neighboring towns like Erie. Yeah Adam!!!

  33. Barbara Kauffman says:

    Great idea Adam, we would love a single track closer to home!

  34. Jay Custard says:

    IN. Let me know how to get involved– be it shovel/rake style or pounding the streets to build support. Let’s do this.

  35. Simon Kricka says:

    I am in to help create some Erie single track.

    The proposed route to the east of Vista Pointe behind the neighborhood makes a good ride with the rolling elevation change. I have ridden and skied this route and it would be nice to have a formal trail.

    Things would get really interesting if there were a constrained out and back single track to the north side of the partially closed landfill site (normal operations closed but they continue to take special fill material). There is 400 vertical feet of climbing on the old front range landfill to expansive views. However, this would require agreement between Waste Connections Inc. (Front Range Landfill) and the town of Erie.


  36. Mark Mraz says:

    I live in Broomfield and would love a closer single track option.

  37. Jeff Haynes says:

    This would be great I live in Erie Commons and would love to ride so close to home. I’m in.

  38. Tim Payne says:

    Echoing the enthusiasm of everyone else, I would love to be involved!!

  39. Brandon Bullock says:

    I would definitely use all of the trails/tracks in Erie…sounds like a great project! Time permitting, I’d be up for helping build the trails as well.

  40. Royce Short says:

    I’m definitely IN!
    I’ll help build trails, ride trails, maintain trails and teach my kids to ride trails. Adding the mountain bike repertoire to Erie would be awesome alongside our great shoulders for road rides and the new velodrome coming online soon. I’m excited to live in Erie right now. Lots of biking options and potential.

  41. Matt Hillary says:

    100% in and would love to see this come to fruition here in Erie.

  42. I would love to help.

  43. Tony Floyd says:

    A bike park like the valmont park in Boulder would be a perfect addition and fit right in to the skate park and velodrome! I know this would be an instant success in this town! I cant think of a better location than the closed landfill. Not sure of land ownership around there, but there would be great single track options there as well. FYI – Scott Carpenter park in Boulder is an old landfill.

  44. Robert Serrano says:

    I’d love to get involved as well. Count me as another person who thinks that the old landfill would make a great location for single track trails.

  45. Rob says:

    Yep…all the above!
    “I would use singletrack in Erie”
    “I would use a pumptrack in Erie”
    “I would help build mtb trails in Erie”
    “I’d like to see a bike park like Valmont in our town”
    “I’m excited to see our town grow like this”

    Erie needs a place for our children to foster the love of mtn biking and us adults need a place that’s not miles away…we’re constantly driving to Boulder, Lyons and beyond for some time in the saddle.
    Count me in…my boy and I would help in anyway possible!

  46. Chad Christian says:

    My family and I would LOVE to have singletrack access from our neighborhood. We can see the incredible positive impacts in communities around us. This type of outdoor access builds healthier, stronger, closer communities for minimal financial commitment from taxpayers and uses resources we already have. Strong work Adam for taking the initiative! Thank You!

  47. Celine says:

    I’m so glad people are getting involved to make Erie have more to offer. A bike trail would be great to have and I’d love to use it.

  48. I would use all of the above. This kind of development would be great for the city of Erie…get people active, make it a more attractive place to live, etc.

  49. Andy says:

    What a great idea. I’d love to see singletrack in Erie and would use it often. Would I also like to see a bike park like Valmont in our town? Of course. These are exactly the types of ideas that Erie should embrace and help make happen.

  50. aliwarren32 says:

    I would love a bike trail in Erie! Our little town could use a trail like Valmont’s! Erie is an amazing small town and the residents should have a trail!

  51. Mandi says:

    I would LOVE to see a trail for biking, walking, running, etc. in Erie! If we want Erie to grow and prosper this is really a must!

  52. William says:

    A bike trail would be nice.

  53. This is the perfect place for a single-track mountain bike park. It would rival the “Dirty Bismark” in stature and be much more accessible to eastern Boulder County residents. I road Heil Ranch yesterday, which included an hour drive time from Lafayette. If I could get on my bike, ride the new segment of Coal Creek Trail to your trail system… When can I start helping you clear and dig? Let me know.

  54. Art says:

    I would love to see some off-road riding develop! I don’t like sharing the asphalt with talking/texting distracted motorist. And for all the money spent on recreational services, it seems this would be a very low cost/high return idea.

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