Hey folks! We are excited to announce our new focus on a couple of parcels of outstanding open space land. After a few conversations with our friends in the Parks and Rec department, these areas look like they are a perfect match for singletrack trails. On Tuesday evening the staff from Erie walked the land with us and trail designers from the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. The BMA guys are hard at work mapping our first tracks through this awesome open space. It’s a little early to predict how many miles of trails can be created out here but I have a feeling it will be quite a bit more than my original request for a route along the Coal Creek.

Next steps are to complete a map of proposed trails, determine the sustainability of the design, and put an initial project plan together. I’ll be presenting our proposal to OSTAB and the Board of Trustees the second week of June. In the meantime check out these awesome photographs and imagine what it would be like to flow on beautiful singletrack through this property.

The Frontside


The Backside


Area Map