September 22nd
Jump Jam


Fall Celebration

The Black Line is complete! Come help us celebrate this fantastic addition to our network of singletrack trails.

Jump Jam starts at 5:00 pm on the Black Line
Fall Celebration Party starts at 6:30pm at Miner’s Tavern

We will start off with a Jump Jam on the Black Line from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Expert jumpers will join you and jump for fun on the Black Line while photographers and drones film the event.

Nervous about jumping?  Children and non-jumpers are welcome to watch and cheer.

Afterwards the party will move to Miner’s Tavern for the official celebration at 6:30pm. We’ll have raffle prizes, a FREE taco bar, ESA merchandise and beer from our sponsors.

This is our 3rd year as your trails organization in Erie. We want to acknowledge all the help we’ve received and gather steam for another big project in the works.

You can show your support for our trails by attending and helping us boost our membership and fundraising efforts. No RSVP necessary.