The news is finally out!

bmaWe have been hard at work with the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance leadership to form this mutually beneficial partnership. The synergies we bring to each other are numerous. We are just getting started with this and there are a lot of details to iron out. Stick around, you’re about to be involved in something awesome.

Why partner with anyone?

United we stand. That’s why. When banded together mountain bikers and singletrack enthusiasts have greater influence for:

  • More trail access
  • Increased trail stewardship
  • More land for trails
  • Shared construction techniques
  • More resources for trail building
  • Joint fundraising
  • More friends to ride with

As a single entity, ESA can do a great job with the trails we have but when we join forces with another organization we can lean on each other and we can accomplish much more for our sport.

Why BMA?

BMA is our neighbor and responsible for a large chunk of the trails we spend the most time on. They have a long history of building fantastic trails in Boulder County and a strong network of resources. But most importantly because in the beginning, we needed help with political confidence, trail design, tools, and strategy and BMA stepped up for all those things.  BMA is an outstanding example of what an energetic group of enthusiasts can do when they organize and put in the effort. And so is ESA. Together we will compliment each other.

What’s in it for us?

Does it really matter? Yeah, it kinda matters so here are the details. We get to use their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for fundraising efforts. We get to use their distribution lists for trail builds, party announcements, and any resource needs we can think of. We have access to their party planning, trail advocacy, and crew leader committees. We will have access to experienced lobbyists and political strategists. We can use their graphic designers and website specialists. We get to use their membership tools to enlist and retain members. We will be on the list for official OSI Crew Leader Training. And much, much more.

What’s in it for them?

They get to expand their territory outside of Boulder County. They get to use our trails to hold clinics and trail building during winter. They get access to our distribution lists for trail builds, party announcements, and any other resource need they can think of. They get an expanded demographic (Weld County’s motto: “We’re not Boulder”). They get our crew leaders. They get more people to show up for activism. And they get to hang out with us. Who wouldn’t want all that?

Membership is coming!

ESA will soon be open for membership and with membership comes privileges. We are planning a membership party very soon. You will all be invited. More on that in a later announcement.

ESA Re-branded

As in any merger we have re-branded ESA to show our excitement about this partnership. We have retained the classic orange and brown colors that we started with but we’re bringing in some BMA flavor. The logo has undergone a face lift to better show our pride. Work has begun to change over to the new theme so keep an eye out for our cool new look.