yeah... that is more than just a little "Brisk".

yeah… that is more than just a little “Brisk”.

-11 degrees Fahrenheit or since most of us are cyclists and have a proclivity to measure things using the metric system, -23 degrees Celsius, was the temperature a couple of mornings ago….


Now, I’m sure some of us are prepared, willing, and dare I say, excited to saddle up and head out for a ride in such weather. Me, not so much. After having spent the week of Thanksgiving basking in the warm southern Utah desert outside Zion National Park,

It was little bit warmer in Southern Utah. Gooseberries for Thanksgiving.

It was little bit warmer in Southern Utah. Gooseberries for Thanksgiving.

I was very content to help the “Most Understanding Wife Ever” decorate the INSIDE of the house and cruise the Internets looking for, wait for it…….. trail building idea’s.

So did this weekend mark the end of trail building at Sunset Park until Spring?!

Nope, not a chance! Carhartt didn’t build a company on tanktops, did they? As long as the soil is dry and we have volunteers, we will be continuing to build, buff, and polish, the trails at Sunset Park.

However, with limited weather windows and very quick changes to the local forecasts, our challenge will be getting the word out. So keep your Carhartt’s close and an eye out on the Facebook page. Our build announcements will come likely come Friday or Saturday evenings, once we can be sure we have good soil conditions.

Trail building in the winter is just like any other outdoor winter activity. Dress in layers, stay hydrated with warm non-alcoholic liquids, protect your extremities, and immediately seek shelter if you are having trouble staying warm.

Remember, we want your feedback. Do you have an idea for your trails that would make them ride better, run faster, or be more enjoyable? Please drop us a note or meet us on a build day.

Snow and Sandstone.

Snow and Sandstone.