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Mike Prendergrast (ESA videographer) recently completed and released the documentary A Winter of Cyclists, the story of a group of 12 Colorado cyclists who challenged each other to commute by bike, at least 52 times, during the cold, dark, and snowy months.

The film will show in Denver on Jan 17th (one night only) at the SIE Filmcenter.

After the showing, there will be a Q&A session with the filmmaker and film riders.

A Winter of Cyclists


ONE NIGHT ONLY! Friday, Januray 17th. With Q&A session after. 

Tickets are $10. Buy Tickets

About the Film

The documentary A Winter of Cyclists (64 min) captures the inaugural Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge.  The film follows twelve cyclists as they attempt to bicycle commute during the winter months. Watch as they challenge each other during the cold, dark and snowy Colorado winter and experience the surprising comradery that forms as nearly 200 like-minded riders from across the USA, Canada, and other countries join in the Challenge. For those who cycle in the winter now, this film is a tribute to you. And for those who are considering it, catch a memorable glimpse of what could await you.

Movie Trailer: