zazoosh_990180261-smjpegMy name is Adam Haid. I’ve been riding and racing mountain bikes for 10 years. My passion for the sport grows every year and I want to share this awesome activity with as many people as I can. When I see the untapped goldmine that is the mix of neighborhood landscape and community activity level in Erie, Colorado I get really excited. This town has shown it is dedicated to an active lifestyle by building the rec center, skate park, and miles of open space paths that connect to the Coal Creek trail. The community has shown its interest by putting up a velodrome, organizing fun runs, and taking part in all the amenities available. I want to help the community take this one step further.


I recently moved from Vista Ridge to Vista Pointe in Erie. Along with a new home comes the novelty of a new neighborhood and walking routes. My wife and I love to get out and explore the surroundings so after we settled in, we started getting a feel for the sidewalks, paths, and trails around the neighborhood. I noticed lots of great terrain undulations every time we went out and kept saying to her “That would make an excellent feature if a singletrack trail went through there.” It happened so many times that I started piecing together a plan. I walked around the open space along the Coal Creek trail and went around the back of Vista Pointe adjacent to the old landfill. There were so many awesome hills, bumps, dips, and valleys that I immediately pictured an awesome, flowy singletrack trail.

I quickly sketched out a route map and sent an email to the Mayor of Erie. He directed me to the Open Space and Trails Advisory Board and I jumped at the chance to start this process. Since then, I reached out to my fellow community mountain bikers on and through conversations with neighbors. There is a growing group of advocates and everyone seems eager to lend a hand. We are very excited to bring this opportunity to our town.