Erie Singletrack Advocates

Erie Singletrack is a fantastic riding area in the heart of a growing suburban community. These trails are perfect for beginners, returning cyclists, and experts looking for a great workout. Built on city-owned open space, they feature a very smooth singletrack that undulates with the terrain and offers fantastic views of the mountain range; especially at sunset. The system is split between two areas: Sunset West and Sunset East.

The Sunset West trails are a system of loops and trails that cross the property at different elevations. Riders and runners will have flowing trail that bends around rocks, through trees, and among native grass. With the miles of trails split into 4 or 5 routes you can ride for over an hour and link the trails together in a new configuration each time. Make sure you stop at the highest point and take a picture of the mountains hovering over the retaining pond for inspiration.

The Sunset East trails are a succession of progressive trails designed to build your skills on a bike. The Green Line will get your bike rocking underneath you and build your confidence going over smooth obstacles at speed. The Blue Line builds on that with a narrower trail and less rhythm to the obstacles. The Black Line takes it even further by offering you an opportunity to jump higher and longer than the other trails and to get your bike completely horizontal on larger berms and wall rides. Keep your speed up and feel the flow!

The two areas are connected by an old dirt road: Weld County Road 6. From the highest point on the Sunset West property you will see an opening in the fence that borders to the east. Go through the fence and along the dirt road until you pass the large hill (old landfill) on the north. Look for the entrance to the Sunset East trails immediately on the north side of the road.